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How the ArchPass works
The purpose of the ArchPass is to introduce different progression elements of Archlight - Test of Skill/Strength, Energy/Gathering, Crafting, Events, World Bosses, Dungeons, Quests & more! - In an all in one system. Additionally, players will be able to use the rewards from completing ArchPass levels to further progress their character.
ArchPass Tutorial.png

Experience Bar[edit | edit source]

This will display how much experience you have towards your next ArchPass Level. All Levels require the same amount of experience (1000). There are 2 ways of obtaining ArchPass Experience
- Every 5 minutes you are online you will obtain 1 ArchPass Experience Point, If you have a Premium Pass, you will obtain 3 Experience Points instead.
- Every ArchPass Mission you complete you will obtain 600 ArchPass Experience - This will be where the bulk of your ArchPass Experience comes from.

ArchPass Level or Tier[edit | edit source]

This shows you the rewards for each level of your ArchPass. When you level up you will automatically obtain the rewards shown. If you have a Premium Pass, you will obtain both rows of rewards each level.

Free Rewards[edit | edit source]

Everything in this row can be obtained by any player, all rewards are soulbound. However, if you have a Premium Pass, the rewards are not soulbound. This is to prevent people stacking MC's to obtain rewards for their mains.

Premium Rewards[edit | edit source]

Rewards in this row can only be obtained if you have a Premium ArchPass. If you buy a pass after already having leveled your ArchPass, it will unlock all previous rewards you missed.

ArchPass Missions[edit | edit source]

There are 3 Mission categories, Expeditioner Missions, Mercenary Missions and Donation Missions. Each category has up to 6 different missions you can obtain (these are rolled randomly). A player can do up to 10 Missions, per week, in each category, for a total of 30 Missions weekly. Hovering over the mission will give more information about exactly what to do.

Mission Reward[edit | edit source]

Anytime you complete a Mission, you will obtain 4 Progression Tokens.

Reroll Mission[edit | edit source]

Players are able to reroll 10 missions per week.

Seasonal Premium ArchPass Cosmetic Rewards[edit | edit source]

Season 1 Premium ArchPass Cosmetic Rewards
Season 1 pass rewards.png