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The benefits of Premium Character:


- Access to Premium Training Rooms (Regenerate stamina at a 2.0x rate than the normal training rooms)


- Exclusive Monsters and Task NPCs inside the Premium Area (they will give you 2 stat points per task, plus huge EXP)


+10% Permanent Experience Gain


- +10% Loot Rate and Gold Nugget Find

- +5% More gold for selling items to the npc

Premium can be bought via our Archlight Shop or +1 depo for gold!

- 30 Day Premium Scroll for 35 Gold ingots (35kk) Premmyscroll.gif

- 7 Day Premium Doll for 10 Gold ingots (10kk) Ferumbras Doll.gif

You also can receive a Ferumbras Doll.gif 7-days Premium Doll for free when you donate 39.99 euros. Yes, that means its 100% free bonus with your donation. Your points can be used for other stuff, and you can even sell the item to other players if you want to.

We recommend premium for those who wish to call Archlight their home, a place they wish to have a long term community.

We offer premium as a means to help fund our server. Running a server nowadays is not cheap, we use a top of the line dedicated server, with advanced DdoS protection and we advertise on otservlist to provide the ultimate community for our players. Any money that we receive after paying off our expenses will go towards better otservlist advertising, thus creating a larger community. We appreciate any contribution to our project as it really is a small dream of ours.

We appreciate anyone who chooses to support Archlight, with weekly content updates we hope this place becomes a home for you as it is for us :)