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The Druid is a combination of a natural damaging class and a healer. The druid has the utility of several large heals, allowing the Druid to support with large heals and a moderate amount of damage in boss fights. The druid makes a good solo hunter too with several damage spells with sustain.

Soul Rune

Expands from center to be size of avalanche rune, deals a great amount of damage.


This is a recommended mage build, it offers plenty of sustain and a decent amount of damage.

  1. Arcane > Increases spell damage.
  2. Intelligence > Increases your maximum mana which allows you to heal more with evocations.
  3. Restoration > Increases the amount you are healed (Self explanatory)
  4. Runemastery > Makes your soul rune hit harder.
  5. Haste > Haste is awful without focus and vice versa.
  6. Focus > Increases weapon damage.
  7. Precision > Crit chance (+25% damage on spells/weapon)
  8. Brewmastery > Juicy potion heals
  9. Luck > Because who doesnt want that sweet $$
  10. Vitality > Good way to increase your power once you have all the other stats.
  11. Strength > Good way to increase your power once you have all the other stats.


Specializations can be unlocked after obtaining the three Promotions and Awakening.

Druid - Restoration.png

Tree Spirit

The Tree Spirit is a druid who has become attune with his natural roots. The Tree Spirit has multiple support spells to aid his allies in battle and sometimes turn the tide of battle by themselves.

Druid - Shaman.png


The Shaman is a skilled caster version of the druid. He primarily favors the ice element, using it to deal more damage and ignore healing. The shaman allows a former druid to become a hybrid damage dealer and support class.


Awakened spells

After reaching awakening you will get "Awakened spell points" every 10 levels that you can spend on spells to increase their potency and give them special effects, these spells will be marked with Dungeon medal.png. Read more here Awakened spells

Basic spells

Tree Spirit



Attack Spells

Spell name Type Element Level Cooldown Description
Exori Mort Instant Death 12 2s/2s Deals death damage to a singular enemy.
Exori Vis Instant Energy 12 2s/2s Deals energy damage to a singular enemy.
Exori Flam Instant Fire 12 2s/2s Deals fire damage to a singular enemy.
Exori Frigo Instant Ice 12 2s/2s Deals ice damage to a singular enemy.
Exori Tera Instant Tera 12 2s/2s Deals tera damage to a singular enemy.
Frost Grenade Dungeon medal.png Instant Ice 110 3s/2s Deals ice damage in an explosion rune form in a range within 3 sqm (requires target)
Frozen Tundra Instant Ice 650 15s/2s Deals ice damage in a area around yourlself and paralyzes the enemy.
Vine Beam Instant Tera 1500 6s/2s Terra wave of massive damage. Applies a earth DoT on targets hit.
Enrooting Instant - 1500 30s/2s Roots spring up, paralyzing the target.
Natural Growth Instant - 1500 16s/2s Summons vines around the target for 3 seconds.
Chilling Blast Dungeon medal.png Instant Ice 1500 14s/2s Attacks the target, dealing ice damage.
Chilling waves Instant Ice 1500 24s/2s Ice AoE erupts around the caster.
Subzero Instant Ice 1500 18s/2s Buffs the caster with damage reduction.

Healing Spells

Spell name Type Level Cooldown Description
Exura Instant 8 1s/1s Heals for a small amount, scales with level and restoration (stat) points.
Exura Gran Instant 20 1s/1s Heals for a average amount, scales with level and restoration (stat) points.
Exura Vita Instant 30 1s/1s Heals for a great amount, scales with level and restoration (stat) points.
Exura Sio Instant 18 1s/1s Heals the person listed in the spell for a great amount. (exura sio "Knighter)

The heal is based on the TARGETS restoration and vitality stat. Your own restoration does not boost the heal.

Evocation Instant 100 22s/1s Restores 5% of your mana each second for 5 secs
Strong Evocation Dungeon medal.png Instant 350 40s/1s Restores 7% of your mana each second for 5 secs
Blossom Dungeon medal.png Instant 1500 30s/1s A really strong single target heal (blossom "Knighter)

Support Spells

Spell name Type Level Cooldown Description
Utevo Lux Light 8 2s/2s Emits a light source around the caster
Exani Tera Rope 8 2s/2s It's a magical rope
Exevo Pan Food 8 2s/2s Creates a random piece of food
Exiva "Name Find 8 2s/2s Searches for the target player.
Exani hur "up/down Levitate 8 2s/2s Levitate
Utani Gran Hur Instant 20 2s/2s Increases movement speed.
Utevo Res Ina "monster_name" Instant 23 20s/2s Changes the look of the caster to match the monster.
Exevo Ring Instant 40 2s/2s Conjures an energy ring.
Merlkin Form Dungeon medal.png Buff 100 30s/1s Increases magic level by 20% for 15 secs.
Cat Form Buff 100 30s/1s Increases speed by 30% and heals for 5% HP/2% MP every 1 sec for 15 secs
Bear Form Buff 100 30s/1s Increases resistance to all damage by 25% for 15 secs.
Frost Shield Instant 1500 300s/2s Surround your target (Allied player or self) with frost shield, dealing damage to targets who attack the target. This spell can only be used after completing the Cooking Up A Storm Quest