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To begin fishing, you can head to one of the Fishing Spots, located around the city.
You can obtain Fish and money from the fishing profession.

To be able to catch salt water fish, you must use a special fishing rod on a salt water fish tile.
Fishing costs 5 energy per catch. (NOTE: You will not gain fishing xp or loose energy untill you actually catch something)

How to start fishing?

Step 1) Buy your first fishing tool (a clay fishing rod) from the Tool Merchant!
Tool merchant.jpg
Step 2) Find a comfortable spot within the fishing area! (those can be found in either the guild halls or in lakes around the Archlight City)

Step 3) Time to fish! (Fish in the squares with a blue bubble by simply right clicking it)

Fishing Guide.jpg

Earning money with Fishing.

Fish can be sold to Fred the Fisherman, for a variable amount, depending on the weight of the fish.
He can be found south of the archlight city near the lake, up the wood stairs.
Selling fish to Fred is what gives you money and fishing experience.
You can sell all fish by writing "sell all"
You can also ask Fred to exchange your fish for Sliced Fish which can be used with the cooking recipes - (the heavier the fish, the more Sliced fish you Receive).
Fred The Fisherman.jpg


Product Possible Weight (in Oz) Fishing Requirement
Snapper Snapper.gif 1, 4 0
Green Perch Green Perch.gif 1.5, 6 0
Northern Pike Northern Pike.gif 2, 8 5
Rainbow Trout Rainbow Trout.gif 2.5, 10 10
Bass Bass.png 3, 12 20
Carp Carp.png 3.5, 14 30
Squid Squid.png 4, 16 40
Marlin Marlin.gif 5, 20 50
Archlight Loot Crate Archlight Loot Crate.png 80 55
Dragon Carp Dragon Carp.png 6, 24 60
Shark Shark.png 7, 28 65
Wild Bass Wild Bass.png 8, 32 70
Wild Carp Wild Carp.png 9, 36 75
Wild Squid Wild Squid.png 10, 40 80
Wild Dragon Carp Wild Dragon Carp.png 12, 48 85
Wild Shark Wild Shark.png 14, 56 90
Ocean Bass Ocean Bass.png 16, 64 95
Ocean Carp Ocean Carp.png 18, 72 100
Ocean Squid Ocean Squid.png 20, 80 105
Ocean Dragon Carp Ocean Dragon Carp.png 25, 100 110
Ocean Shark Ocean Shark.png 30, 120 115
Deepsea Bass Deepsea Bass.png 40, 160 120
Deepsea Carp Deepsea Carp.png 50, 200 125
Deepsea Squid Deepsea Squid.png 60, 240 130
Deepsea Dragon Carp Deepsea Dragon Carp.png 80, 320 135
Deepsea Shark Deepsea Shark.png 100, 420 140

Fishing Rods

You can increase your fishing skill, by fishing, as well as by wearing a special fishing trinket or a fishing rod in your ring slot.

Name Requirements Ingredients Fishing Boost
Clay Fishing Rod
Clay Fishing Rod.png
1000 Gold from the Merchant
Iron Fishing Rod
Iron Fishing Rod.png
100 Iron Ingot

5 Crystal Coins

1 Archlight Token

Blacksmith Skill (10)

Copper Fishing Rod
Copper Fishing Rod.png
100 Copper Ingot

25 Crystal Coins

1 Archlight Token

Blacksmith Skill (20)

Steel Fishing Rod
Steel Fishing Rod.png
100 Coal Ingot

1 Gold Currency Ingot

1 Archlight Token

Blacksmith Skill (30)

Gold Fishing Rod
Gold Fishing Rod.png
100 Gold Ingot

5 Gold Currency Ingot

1 Archlight Token

Blacksmith Skill (50)

Mythril Fishing Rod
Mythril Fishing Rod.png
100 Mythril Ingot

15 Gold Currency Ingot

1 Archlight Token

Blacksmith Skill (65)

Dragon Fishing Rod
Dragon Fishing Rod.png
100 Dragon Ingot

40 Gold Currency Ingot

1 Archlight Token

Blacksmith Skill (80)

Fishing Net
Fishing Net.png
20 Mythril Leathers

10 Crystal Coins

1 Archlight Token

Tanning Skill (85)

Allows the user to fish up, multiple fish at once.