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Quest Requirements
Voodoo 500+
Heroes Quest 750+
Elemental Tombs 900+
Sharptooth A.50+
Halls of Darksteel A.100+
Pits of Archlight A.125+
Iceforged A.150+
Jorus A.200+ This unlocks the Otherworlds Stronghold
Otherworld Seals A.250+
Otherworld Castles A.300+
Misty Mountains A.300+
Cooking Up A Storm A.350+

Shadows of the Ashen

Shadows of the Ashen Questline Requires Having completed IceForge to start

Side quests

Quest Requirements
Annihilator 750+
Crazy Scientist 999+
Warlords Quest Promotion 3 999+
Demon Helmet Quest 1000+
Seven Trials 1100+
Premium Annihilator 1500+