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Why should i skin?

  • Skinning as the name suggests give skins which are used for tanning.
  • Skinning also gives different size containers of blood which are the main component of alchemy.
  • Skinning is not fun.

How do i begin my adventure with skinning?

1) First of all speak to the tool merchant in depo and buy a clay skinning knife.
Tool merchant.jpg
2) Look for a monster that you can skin, not every monster can be skinned using a clay knife.
This list is a big one.

Name Requirements Ingredients Monsters you can skin Rewards
Clay Skinning Knife Clay Skinning Knife.png 0 Tool Merchant for 1000 Gold Stampor.gif
Forest Fury.gif
Forest Fury
2 Light Skin Scraps
Light Skin Scrap.png
5oz vial of blood
5oz vial of blood.png
Iron Skinning Knife Iron Skinning Knife.png 10 100 Iron Ingots

5 Crystal Coins

1 Archlight Token

Blacksmith Skill (10)

Crystal Spider.gif
Crystal Spiders
2 Heavy Skin Scraps
Heavy Skin Scrap.png
10oz vial of blood
10oz vial of blood.png
Copper Skinning Knife Copper Skinning Knife.png 20 100 Copper Ingots

25 Crystal Coins

1 Archlight Token

Blacksmith Skill (20)

Retching Horror.gif
Retching Horrors
2 Gold Skin Scraps
Gold Skin Scrap.png
15oz vial of blood
15oz vial of blood.png
Steel Skinning Knife Steel Skinning Knife.png 30 100 Coal Ingots

1 Gold Currency Ingot

1 Archlight Token

Blacksmith Skill (30)

Cliff Strider.gif
Cliff Striders
Serpent Spawn.gif
Aged Serpent Spawn
Bog Raider.gif
Bog Raiders
2 Glowing Skin Scraps
Glowing Skin Scrap.png
20 oz vial of blood
20oz vial of blood.png
Gold Skinning Knife Gold Skinning Knife.png 50 100 Gold Ingots

5 Gold Currency Ingots

1 Archlight Token

Blacksmith Skill (50)

Ogre Savage.gif
Hellhounds/Experiment 4s
2 Aged Skin Scraps
Aged skin scrap.png
25 oz vial of blood
25oz vial of blood.png
Mythril Skinning Knife Mythril Skinning Knife.png 65 100 Mythril Ingots

15 Gold Currency Ingots

1 Archlight Token

Blacksmith Skill (65)

Sea Serpent.gif
2 Mythril Skin Scraps
Mythril Skin Scrap.png
30oz vial of blood
30oz vial of blood.png
Dragon Skinning Knife Dragon Skinning Knife.png 80 100 Dragon Ingots

40 Gold Currency Ingots

1 Archlight Token

Blacksmith Skill (80)

Ancient Scarab.gif
Sand Dusk Scarabs
Ghastly Dragon.gif
Forsaken Dragons
Rock Wyverns
Black Panther.gif
Island Panthers
2 Inferno Skin Scraps
Inferno Skin Scrap.png
35oz vial of blood
35oz vial of blood.png

Note: Skinning a weaker monster like a stampor with for example a steel skinning knife will still wield 2 light skin scraps and 2oz vial of blood.

3) Skin the monster as shown, you can also right-click the corpse.