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Woodcutting is required in order to create new furniture and siege weapons via Woodworking

1) Simply start by buying a clay hatched from the Tool Merchant.

Tool merchant.jpg

2) Now go into a spawn and look for different trees.

Name Requirements Ingredients Trees you can cut Rewards
Clay Hatchet Clay Hatchet.png 0 Tool Merchant for 1000 Gold Elder Tree.png
Elder Tree
Venom Tree.png
Venom Tree
Elder Log.png
Elder Log
Venom Log.png
Venom Log
Iron Hatchet Iron Hatchet.png 10 100 Iron Ingot

5 Crystal Coins

1 Archlight Token

Blacksmith Skill (10)

Shadow Tree.png
Shadow Tree
Shadow Log.png
Shadow Log
Copper Hatchet Copper Hatchet.png 20 100 Copper Ingot

25 Crystal Coins

1 Archlight Token

Blacksmith Skill (20)

Glowing Tree.png
Glowing Tree
Glowing Log.png
Glowing Log
Steel Hatchet Steel Hatchet.png 30 100 Coal Ingot

1 Gold Currency Ingot

1 Archlight Token

Blacksmith Skill (30)

Blood-soaked Tree.png
Blood-soaked Tree
Blood-soaked Log.png
Blood-soaked Log
Gold Hatchet Gold Hatchet.png 50 100 Gold Ingot

5 Gold Currency Ingot

1 Archlight Token

Blacksmith Skill (50)

Spirit Tree.png
Spirit Tree
Spirit Log.png
Spirit Log
Mythril Hatchet Mythril Hatchet.png 65 100 Mythril Ingot

15 Gold Currency Ingot

1 Archlight Token

Blacksmith Skill (65)

Soul Tree.png
Soul Tree
Soul Log.png
Soul Log
Dragon Hatchet Dragon Hatchet.png 80 100 Dragon Ingots
40 Gold Currency Ingots

1 Archlight Token

All Above Gives a Chance to cut 2x logs

on use

Higher tiers of trees can be found in higher tier spawns. What this means, you can't find Soul Trees inside the hydras spawn whereas you also can't find Venom Trees inside the Venomous Widow spawn.

Where should I start?

1.) The Giant Spider spawn located in the monsters teleports is the best place to find a lot of low-level trees to begin your woodcutting!

2.) The Premium area has a lot of lower level trees to cut as well. However, it also has a lot of the higher level trees too, which makes it a good middle-ground.

3.) After woodcutting 20-30+, the Nomad spawn has no trees below level 10 woodcutting!

4.) If you are in a guild and it has a guildhall you can go there for trees between lvl 10-65.

5.) The only way to obtain Soul Logs is in Forgotten Islands the Rumrunners Bay is a nice place to get those.